More people are choosing to work from home so they can be flexible with their time and to avoid the daily commute. Finding a space to concentrate away from the distractions of the house can be difficult though.

A garden office is one of the most practical ways to create a dedicated space for working from home. It lets you have a personal space all to yourself to help you concentrate.

Whatever type of business you work in, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a dog groomer, you want your own beauty and hair salon, a place to look after the accounts or just somewhere to think and plan, a Composite Wood garden office is ideal for you.

A Composite Wood garden office gives you a space away from the home to work from all year-round. Composite Wood is made from a mix of materials which make it extremely low maintenance, so no repainting or staining is needed. Once your Composite Wood garden office has been installed, you’re ready to go to work.

The fully insulated walling and roof regulates the temperature whatever time of year, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

With a Composite Wood garden office, you will always have a comfortable space to work from.

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Composite Wood provides you with more secure options than regular timber garden buildings.

Choose from 5 different sizes

4 colour options

All you need to do is choose the perfect colour for your garden. We stock four unique colours; available in solid or woodgrain including: