More people are choosing to work from home so they can be flexible with their time and to avoid the daily commute. Finding a space to concentrate away from the distractions of the house can be difficult though – a garden office is one of the most practical solutions to allow you to work from home.

But, did you know you may be eligible to claim tax relief on your Garden Office depending on your circumstances?

The issues and legislation surrounding claiming tax back on your Garden Office can be quite complicated, so we highly recommend you consult an accountant or lawyer about your individual circumstances beforehand.

However, in summary:


  • Tax Relief cannot usually be claimed on the cost of an actual Garden Office
  • Tax Relief can be claimed on furnishings and equipment used within the Garden Office
  • Your Garden Office must solely be used for business purposes and not personal purposes
  • Capital Allowances can also be claimed on thermal insulation including electrical and plumbing work
  • Tax Relief can be claimed on running costs such as heating, lighting and repairs
  • VAT can be reclaimed on the costs of the Garden Office building itself if your business is VAT Registered